Returning all media types from release, as you might see on a Release Group page

For releases that combine multiple media types—for example a release with 2×12" + 7", or 3×CD + Blu-ray—is there a way to grab this value for use in a script?


There is currently no built-in way to get this. There is a %media% variable, but it only shows the name for the medium of the current track.

For display in the media column something a bit like this gets constructed on the album level, but this is not exposed to scripting.

It should be possible to create a plugin to handle this. But I also think having some builtin functionality for this (e.g. a variable %_all_media% or such) would also be useful.

Could you add a ticket to the MB ticket system ?


Alright, I hope this is ok


Thanks a lot. I’ll give feedback on the ticket, but might take a bit until I get to it.