Retrieve ratings for artists, albums and tracks

Hi there,
I’m new to MusicBrainz and the api structure, so, if the question is stupid simple, I’m sorry, but I wasn’t able to find the solution. So, perhaps someone can help.

I try to retrieve rating information for given artists, there albums and the individual tracks of the album.
I managed to retrieve all information except for the rating.

Can somebody help me with examples for api calls to retrieve rating information for
the artist
his/her albums
and the tracks of the album?

Thank’s in advance!

I never tested it but did you try inc=ratings ?

There is also inc=user-ratings if it’s the ratings from a specific user, that you want, and not the average global ratings.


Hi there,
yes, I think " `inc=ratings" is the key.
I’ll try to change my code using this.

Thank you for the quick replies!