[Resolved] Dino-Boka - more information please

@CatQuest you added this Edition in 2015: https://bookbrainz.org/edition/03abf947-4568-4fa0-a463-a77ed290af38

I want to add a Work which will include the author relationship, but I can’t find this book anywhere. I’m wondering if you still know the details?

Hi, sorry for the late reply, I’m generally used to mb’s edit-notes notifications, we still haven’t got this for BookBrainz yet :​D

When it comes to this https://bookbrainz.org/edition/03abf947-4568-4fa0-a463-a77ed290af38 I don’t quite remember, it was possibly a colouring book or similar, the database was quite different looking back then (no ability to link works, authors or editions at all!)

Seeing as this is my book do not worry, I myself will eventually redo old things I’ve added, When I get to it I will also make works and such :​D

[addendum] If you happen to come across old revisions I’ve done, old editions and authors I’ve added and decide to Improve them, that’s great! It’s the whole point of BookBrainz after all…
but you don’t have to fix my old additions :joy_cat:

Thanks @CatQuest. If it was a colouring book then more than likely it wouldn’t have an author. I have added a Work to it.

As I have been navigating around BB, I have been adding bits and pieces that were missing. Don’t worry you are not under surveillance :eye:


yea, lol sorry
I do appreciate all your hard work though :sparkling_heart:

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