Resend submission

I just went to add a book to the database. Adding the publication went fine, adding the publisher went fine, but when doing the edition, BB.o is now sticking trying to submit it. Is there a way (JS console or just Ctrl+R/F5 or something else) to make the site resend the submission without having to redo it?

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Not at the moment, no. We could probably implement this by saving the form data in the user session when there’s an error, and then pre-filling the editing form when the user goes back.

Are you able to reproduce the bug on the sandbox, or have any info that might allow us to find out why it was sticking?

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Seems like I did, in fact, hit a know bug:

If you’re trying to add an edition by clicking “Add Edition” on the publication page, that’s a known issue.


For what it’s worth, this should be fixed when we release to production. With any luck, that will be this week.

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