Request for Stig’s Art Grabr to parse Apple Music domains

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Hey Stig, could you please update Art Grabr to parse Apple Music domains? All iTunes links redirect to Apple Music now.


Hi @sibilant

Thanks for the heads up. I wasn’t aware. I rarely user Grabr myself these days.
I will take a look at it. With a little luck Apple have only changed web-address and it will be easy to fix.

However I have a dilemma. Current version of Greasemonkey have a bug, and if I update Stig’s Art Grabr on Greasy Fork before that bug is fixed, Art Grabr will probably be disabled for all Greasemonkey users :frowning: Well, I try to correct the Grabr error, and then I decide whether I update the official userscript now, or if I stall it until Greasemonkey has been updated. A fix for Greasemonkey is apparently pending, but don’t know when it will be released.


Hi again @sibilant
I have updated userscript in the GitHub repository. It should work on Apple Music domains too now.
I’m holding back updating it on Greasy Fork until I know when Greasemonkey will be updated. But you can install the new version of the userscript now via GitHub:


Greasemonkey was updated yesterday with a fix for the issue that was holding me back updating Art Grabr on Greasy Fork.
So now the updated - and Apple Music compatible - version of Stig’s Art Grabr is also available at it’s official install page:


/[mcitunes]{5,6}/ is such a hackish way of matching /(music|itunes)/ — which is not only more readable but even one character less. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


he he. yeah, you’re right :slight_smile: