Request for Pull Request review of Picard docs, plugins


Who do we ask to review Picard plugin-related Pull Requests on GitHub? What is a good way to ask for their attention?

There are presently three Pull Requests submitted since June 1 which are waiting on review. (There are also two older PRs awaiting review, and two awaiting changes, but maybe they are more stale.) I know that one (mine) is a low-risk documentation change, so hopefully that at least will be easy.

Thank you!

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I’d usually try to review the merge requests on the plugin’s repo, but recently I lack the time for all the Picard related work. And the plugins repo is one of the things that then gets somewhere at the end of my todo list.

But pinging @zas, @rdswift or myself (outsidecontext here, phw on Github) would be fine.

I merged your change now, that’s trivial enough. I’ll see that I can look into rdswift’s new plugin later. For the mod plugin that’s actually mine and I’d like to have zas give this a review first :wink: