Request for option to change some of the default settings not available at the moment

Request for option to change some of the default settings not available at the moment such as Artist Sort order automatically setting last name, first name. to preffered option of first name last name. option to disable certain types i.e. Various Artists, non album, etc as even with those turned to lowest and there clearly being singles or albums by the artists and them already set as that changing to those completely breaking my library. along with this is things like Artist name, album artist etc being set and it changes it despite the fact these are set to keep, also for the search id like to see the option to hid anything that is Various Artists etc or atleast prioritse the artists releases before going into V/A

  1. Option for Artist Sort to be first name, last name. You can use a script for this. $set(artistsort,%artist%)

  2. My own experience with sliders set to fully left position is that they are effectively disabled. However I think these only apply when you are doing Lookup - I do not think that they apply if e.g. your track already has an MBID for Release or Recording. However, you are right that there is no slider for prioritising VA or not, probably because the sliders relate to the Primary and Secondary Release Types and not Release Artists.

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Yes, I think it was even you who implemented the logic to completely ignore matches for types that are set to zero. I am not sure, but IHMO this should also apply to AcoustID lookups, because they use the same comparison logic. We could consider applying this prioritization also to the search window results maybe, even though I would not fully exclude these matches even if type is set to zero, just put them down the list.

Can you give more details about this? If you add artist and albumartist to the list of tags to preserve in Options > Tags Picard will keep the original value instead of using the data from MusicBrainz.

In general please open tickets at for bug reports and feature requests.

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