Request for "feat." standardising plugin

Is there anyone (@outsidecontext? @zas?) who knows enough about Picard plugin stuff to write a quick plugin to convert “feat.” variations to “feat.”? The main opposition to the proposal to deprecated the “feat.” guideline seems to be tagger-related, so I think it makes sense for us to move forward with the de-standardising, but only after a plugin exists to let Picard deal with it.

Since you talk about Picard and “feat.” tagging, I was wondering about this the other day. I use Title Case plugin (capitalizes first letter of every word) and was thinking if there is a way to make all of the join phrases (feat., vs., with, a) lowercase. This is hard to do if your join phrases consist of regular words like “with” which you want to be capitalized elsewhere (you would need to do a comparison to album artist or something similar). My question is, how are the join phrases treated currently? Are they simply a part of the title/artist in Picard? What if they had a separate (field? property?) so you could manipulate with stuff like “feat.” variations pretty easily.

I have the skills, but cannot say when I would have the time.

At the same time (whenever that is) I could also take a look at the Title Case plugin and see what can be done to avoid capitalisation of join phrases.