in musicbrainz-server repo & startup scripts

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Just setup the musicbrainz-server repo as a slave from on a fresh turnkey (debian) VM and imported a recent db dump. plackup -Ilib -r and http://ipaddress:5000 works but now what program do I run to pull down the latest database updates? I vaguely recall there used to be a script called file in \bin or or but I can’t find any of these in the ~\musicbrainz-server\ folders

If you could also explain how to setup the server to start on boot and schedule replication jobs that would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


In order to do replication, you would normally set up a cron job that executes admin/cron/ (Note that cron doesn’t execute the .bashrc, so you may have to run eval $( perl -Mlocal::lib ) explicitly.)