Replication packets MB Server


Hello guys,

I just installed musicbrainz server RT_SLAVE on my vps, i have access to it from the port 5000 ( with the command “plackup -Ilib -r”), but i think the replication packets doesn’t work. Is there a way i can test it ?

Do i have to launch an additionnal command or something to make it work ?

I have the follow information in the bottom of my musicbrainz server webpage :
“Running: master (1eea724)
Last replication packet received at 2016-12-24 00:14 UTC”

The date of the last packet received is the date i installed the server.

Thanks in advance,


You need to run admin/cron/ in a cronjob, typically once an hour at xx:10 or so.


Thanks for your fast answer ! I got an error because i don’t have an access token yet, so i singed up at

Right now the state of my account is pending, i will keep you posted.


Just one more question, if i have a slave server- on readonly mode- is it possible to add tables on my musicbrainz database (without editing the musicbrainz’s tables of course) ?


Well, why not? Preferably use a different schema, though.


Because in the documentation on github ( it’s written :
"Mirror servers do not allow any local editing."
I was wondering if it was for the whole musicbrainz database or just the musicbrainz tables.

I want to put new tables in the same database because they will have foreigns keys on existing musicbrainz’s tables.

Thanks for your information, it’s great if i can do that, it will simplify a lot my developpement :slight_smile:


That is supposed to mean that the server won’t allow any edits via the web interface. (You can still change the database directly via psql, but replication may fail if there are conflicts.)