Renaming with Birthday-Death • Artist • Country • Type

Good to everyone and congratulations for keeping this forum alive.

I would like to ask a question to see if it is possible to do what I want.
My intention is to have the composers, interpreters, directors and classical music groups sorted chronologically taking their date of birth and death as sort criteria and thus obtain a directory structure similar to this one:

1864-1955 • Joseph-Guy Ropartz • FR • conductor, composer
1891-1953 • Sergei Prokofiev • RUS • composer
1901-1999 • Joaquín Rodrigo • ESP • composer

In Musicbrainz, within the Artist section there are the begin and end properties that correspond to what is required (see

The concrete question is:
Is it possible to have Picard import those tags from the MusicBrainz database and implement a renaming script that uses them?

Picard doesn’t seem to support tags like that natively, so if it is at all possible, you would have to write a plugin that can query MusicBrainz’ database directly.


Ok. Thanks for your interest and your answer
And …
Somebody knows a ready-made plugin for that?