Renaming Script

Is there anyone that would help me write the script I am wanting?

You should probably start by telling us what kind of script you want :wink:

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I would like a renaming script to filename.

Blind Dog
Black Math Horsemen
Black Sabbath
(Original Release - Release)- Paranoid
01 - War Pigs
02 - Paranoid
(Original Release - Release)- Sabotage
(Original Release - Release)- Live Evil
Disc 1
01 - E5150
02 - Neon Knights
Disc 2

Take out any “/” and replace with " & "
Remove “The” from beginning of Artist names
Keep artist names First Name Last Name
If original release date and release date are same just use release date
Title case all names - lowercase ext

I dont think I care if it was a vinyl or cd release I just want a way to keep Deluxe Editions etc with an original release date and a release date so it pairs similar albums with with albums of same name but doesn’t overwrite them. If that makes sense.

(1970) - Paranoid
(1970 - 2014) - Paranoid

Any other suggestions on naming structures would be appreciated.

Trying to figure out what would work best with filename hierarchy in windows explorer and what would work well in MP3 player/desktop player so that albums stay in a decent order.

I think the above would cover it but maybe not, any other ideas would be cool.

I just need help writing it.

~$left($if2(%albumartistsort%,%artistsort%),1)~/$if2(%albumartist%,%artist%)/$if(%date%,[$left(%date%,4)] - %album%,/)$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),/\(Disc %discnumber%$if(%discsubtitle%, - %discsubtitle%)\))/$num(%tracknumber%,2) - %title%

How can I get that to break down into release type subfolders? Singles, Albums, Live etc?
How can I get it to show an original date and date? (1985 - 2004) rereleased or remastered or deluxe edition 2004
Is there a tag that shows if an album is a deluxe edition or remastered etc?

Can anyone help me? Might be able to slide you a few dollars if I can get it right.