Renaming files using Total Commander. Maybe you don't know


Total Commander has many features. One of them is editing filenames in batch mode.

Example :

Change ‘a’, ‘of’, ‘the’ to lowercase and every word to uppercase.

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I would imagine that most of what Total Commander does in its bulk-renaming functionality can be done by Picard when it saves files using the file renaming script.

But as Echelon69 points out, one thing not easy to do at present is to do title case with English (or other language) exceptions as shown here. I have added this as a further suggestion to [PICARD-2779|[PICARD-2779] Multi-lingual $swapprefix, $delprefix and $title - MetaBrainz JIRA].

This ticket now also suggests that the functionality described might be provided using a plugin - however I don’t have time right now to write it (and I am not sure when I will have). So if there are any volunteers…

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Niestety muszę znowu napisać o Mp3Tag. :wink:

Też ma fajną funkcję: Tag —> Filename



Unfortunately, I have to write about Mp3Tag again. :wink:

It also has a cool function: Tag —> Filename

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One more trick with Mp3tag. :wink:

How to extract MP3 files along with their source directories?

Open Mp3tag, sort by any tag.

We select files with the desired value.

In my example, it’s Dizzy Gillespie.

We invert selection.

Press Delete. Physically deletes files from the disk. The Remove command only removes from the list in the pane.

6 files left. The only drawback is that there are empty directories.

Little correction :wink:

My point was that this whole operation preserves the directory structure.

Our selected MP3s are there, and if there was no Gillespie file in the directory, it is empty because files other than Gillespie are deleted.

Another trick with Total Commander:

“Compare by Content”

Mark any two files with a red spacebar (it can even be EXE) and click Files->Compare

A second window opens with differences.

If the files are identical, we receive the message: