Rename songs from text file, is this possible?

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Hello all,

New user here with what may be a unique request. I have a 500 songs that I wish to rename by using a text document. For instance, let’s say I want to name them all Thanksgiving names, I would have a text document with names such as turkey, dinner, family, holiday etc. I am hoping I can have the software read the text document with say 1000 different words and name my 500 songs. It would also be great if I could have it not repeat a song name and if I could choose whether the song is named with one, two, three or four words etc. Please let me know if I can achieve this or if I will have to have something made to do it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

I don’t think Picard can do this.
Its only source is MusicBrainz data, not plain text files.

If you are using Windows, you should have a look at Mp3tag.
Then you can export, change your file, then import your changed file.

If anyone knows a similar tool, please tell, especially on Linux.

The most similar Linux app to MP3Tag is Puddletag. I’m more familiar with Puddletag than MP3Tag. Puddletag has a ‘Text File > Tag’ function which appears to allow you to edit your tags from the text (and then the tags can be used to rename files), but I don’t think either app has the ability to perform the complex choices that @Jones75 is looking for. I think you’re looking at creating a new tool here.

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The export/import feature allows to plug anything imaginable. :wink: