Rename files Artist- Track title

I know this maybe simple and easy for most but I’ve been trying for days to get musicbrainz picard to name my files artist- track tile. I dont care about track numbers disc numbers or anything like that. Just it to be Artist folder/ Artist name - Ablum / then artist - track tile. I mostly use my music in plex and without the artist in the filename I tend to run into issues.
thanks in advance

You just need to replace what you have written down with the proper variable names and you have your renaming script you need to set in Options > File naming:

%albumartist%/%albumartist% - %album%/%artist% - %title%

Then make sure to set a target directory and enable both move files and rename files.


On a similar vein - I am trying to get picard to create my directories for Plex, just the way plex asks for them (yes, I know it picks up metadata for the important bits, but I like things laid out “just so”) - might as well make it human friendly.

The Gist of the Plex structure is as follows

      Albumartist - Albumtitle
         Disc 1
            1. trackartist - tracktitle.mp3
            2. trackartist - tracktitle.mp3
         Disc 2
            1. trackartist - tracktitle.mp3
            2. trackartist - tracktitle.mp3
Where Disc 2 (and Disc1) disappear if it's only a single CD Album 

So, under Options - File naming - I have a Destination directory of /volumes/Plexmedia/Music

For the "Name files like this" I have 
%albumartist% /%albumartist% - $if($ne(%albumartist%,),%album% $if(%originaldate%,\($left(%originaldate%,4)\),%originaldate%)/)$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),%discnumber%)$num(%tracknumber%,2). %albumartist% - %title%

which according to the example says it will do 

/volumes/PlexMedia/Music/The Beatles/The Beatles - Help!/07. The Beatles - Ticket to Ride.mp3

which looks about right.   Some things that I am not clear on 

1. There is nothing in the naming string that handles the /DIsc 1/ component for multi CD/albums - or is that something that Picard handles, and I don't need to worry about in the "name like this" but (or is that handled by the %totaldiscs% stuff - it's not clear how that works. 

2. There is a whole bunch of stuff in that string (stolen from somewhere else, in here, I think that talks about %originaldate% - yet there is nothing in the output that relates to dates? huh?


Your naming script and the default one handle disc numbers by adding them to the filenames. This is done by


If you want the disc to be a separate directory named “Disc N”, change the above to

$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),Disc %discnumber%/)

See how I added the "Disc " before the actual number to have the name as you want it. And the slash afterwards, which makes this a directory.



would write the original release year after album title, if originaldate is set. It is not set for the examples. If you don’t want or need this, just remove this part.

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