Removed tracks

im new to pretty much all of this no scripting experience but is there a plug in or a vizual walk through on when removing a song from picard you can send to different folder other than where it came from?

I don’t quite get what you want. If you remove a file from Picard nothing at all happens. If you want to change anything for the file you have to save it. If you are looking for a way to move files to different locations have a look at the File Naming options and enable “Move files” and “Rename files”.

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if you remove it it goes back to original file after many years of collecting over the years and having huge chunks in one folder its my own fault but point is i wanna run like filters run it thru remove to a “once thru folder” so i know they arent tagged but gone threw instead of goin right back to same grossly unorganized folder lol

and again im new to all of this digging on computer the whole 9. so this may be as easy as askin me if its plugged in lol

Sorry, I have a hard time making sense from your post. Maybe you should start using at least full stops to mark your sentences.

As I said before, if you want Picard to move your files to a different folder you have to configure the “Move files” feature and maybe also “Rename files”. Then you can save tbe files inside Picard and it will move them to new folders according to the settings.

Maybe take a look at the Picard Quick Start guide

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If I understand the op correctly, when they remove a file from the right-hand processing pane in Picard they want Picard to still move the file to a different (reviewed but not processed) directory. I don’t believe that’s possible.

If that is what they are trying to do, I suggest manually move the files in small batches to a “processing” directory, and load them into Picard from there. Then any files still in the “processing” directory after the Picard processing / tagging / renaming / moving can be manually moved to the “reviewed but not processed” directory.

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yes @rdswift thats what i was after. Had a feeling thats how it was, but was hoping lol thank you both for your time. Idk maybe a suggestion for an add-on or something. Be able to set a folder for the remove button.