Remove Underscores & Put Featured Artist Last

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007fcb4f90d1a8> #<Tag:0x00007fcb4f90ce60>


I am trying to get rid of the _ in my titles and also put the featured artists last to help with my sorting. I just have songs in mood folder and not by album, as I have very few albums and like to listen to music by the mood I am in.

Current Layout: %artist% - %album% - %title%

2Pac - Makaveli 4_ Vengeance - Untouchable Freestyle

Desired Outcome = 2Pac - Makaveli 4 Vengeance - Untouchable Freestyle (feat. other artist name)

Any suggestions on how to correct this would be greatly appreciated.


The underscores are added for characters not allowed in Windows filenames. You can either completely remove them or set them to something different with scripting. Try doing something like this in your filenaming script:


This will replace the characters "*:<>?| with nothing.

Install and activate the “Feat. Artists in Titles” plugin. This will make featuring part of %title% and you will get something like:

2Pac - Pac’s Life - Whatz Next (feat. A3 & Jay Rock)


If you have already tagged everything up using MusicBrainz, the Picard is the key as described above.

Or, if you are just shuffling file names around based on tags, MP3TAG ( ) is a very good bulk renamer of tracks. It can read current tags and use them to change the names of your files in the exact format you are asking for.


and Jaikoz can do this also, it uses Javascript expressions so you are not limited to a predefined set of functions like some solutions


Can you please share what the final code looks like? I tried adding this after each section and it did not work.


Can anyone please help me with this final code layout?