Remove Perfect Albums plug in use / activate

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I have the [Remove Perfect Albums] Plug in installed. I’ve used it before, but I seem to be having an issue with invoking it. If right click shouldn’t I see "Remove Perfect Albums… " as an option?

Right click on albums on the right, it will be in the “Plugins…” submenu.


That’s it! … at least that’s where I’m remembering it -should- be.

I have not Picard in a while, so when I did yesterday, I updated, looked at the plugins, updated what needed to be there…

In thinking that out, :thinking:I was about to say, maybe the “Add Album Column” [Warning: This plugin is not removable] might have something to do with it.

…and totally space on seeing those [] to the right instead of the [] :exploding_head:

For some reason, every plugin that would have caused that sub-menu to appear was :scream: disabled … why? I don’t know. I can’t imagine why I would have done that. :innocent: if I did. But, whatever. It’s all good now. :man_cartwheeling: Thanks. Got it now.

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