Remove iTunes tags

Hi folks,

I recently moved over from a Mac to Windows 10 and am now using Foobar2000 to play all my music with and am using MusicBrainz Picard to edit my tags with.

I have a folder of about 3000 single MP3s that I have collected over the last lot of years and I when I wanted to create a play list of these on my iPod I would add them to iTunes and tag the artist and album to Untitled so they neatly fell under one category on my iPod. I should have created a playlist but I didn’t and I regret this now!!

Well, I would like to remove all traces of these “Untitled” tags. I processed the bulk of my library with MusicBrains Picard and 99% of everything in my MP3 collection seems to be ok, but I am noticing a few tracks coming up in Foobar2000 as such:

I’m wondering is there anyway I can get rid of these “untitled” tags? Any help is appreciated.

If you use Picard on those tags and properly tag them with MusicBrainz data the album and artist tags should get filled with proper content.