Remove feat. artist from albumartist tag while tagging

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I use iTunes for organizing music files. iTunes uses “albumartist” tag to create folders. Now songs with guest artist creates a new folder. I would like to know if there is any possible python plugin that can remove texts after “feat.” word in album artist tag.

Shouldn’t be creating new folders for individual songs. But I’m guessing this is a single so it would create one for that entire “album”. You could use a script (or maybe there is a plugin) to remove featured artists from the Album Artist tag, but since it may not always be “feat.” you may need to code a lot of variations as you encounter them.

The other thing you could do is just not look a the folders and don’t worry about it :wink:

Thank you :smiley:.I know a simple python code that can filter out the featuring artist and print out the main artist name that looks like this sdfsdf
I don’t know how to implement it properly with musicbrainz api .

You can use scripting. Add this to a script in Options > Scripting:

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:+1: It works! Thank you so much!

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