Remove all releases where %originaldate%=%date% from selected releases in Picard

After having spent the better part of the last week re-tagging my entire mp3 library with a new tagger script based on the script discussed at Sharing my renaming script I realized that I had used a four digit year based on %originaldate% for all re-issue releases when I wanted to use one based on %date%. As I don’t have the slightest idea how to search my files based on the metadata inside them I will have to once again load every single release back into Picard.

I am however hoping to find a way to modify the plugin to remove all releases where %originaldate% is either not set or is equal to %date%. This would save me from having to process all the releases which don’t require any change. I’m not exactly sure how to do this, as it is beyond my limited programing skills. I was hoping someone might be able to help me figure it out.

I was going to post a link to the plugin but it no longer seems to be available on the plugin download page at As it still functions perfectly with the current MusicBrainz Picard release I’m not sure why it isn’t still available.

Somewhat off-topic, but it’s stuff like this that makes me do only initial tagging (basically MBID seeding) with Picard, and leaving beets to do the file moving and renaming (since if I decide I want to change the file/name structure, I can just update the config and go beet move and it will rename/move everything according to the new config). :slight_smile:


Right after I posted this thread I saw the thread at How to update a large collection? where you mentioned beets which I had never heard of before. I’m very interested in learning more but as I am a windows user it looks like I’m going to have to jump through several hoops before I can get it up and running. I don’t plan on making any further to my folder structure until after Plex gets done re-scanning everything so I have a couple days to figure it out. There is a trick to fool the Plex scanner into scanning the artists by letter folders alphabetically when creating a library and I can’t make any changes to the folder structure until the scan completes.

After managing to install beets onto my Windows 10 laptop I can’t even figure out the correct path to enter into the config.yaml file to point to the correct folder on my NAS drive where I will have beets move all the music files. Beets looks like a very powerful command line tool but I am much more comfortable working in a GUI environment.

Having managed to install beets with a very basic config.YAML file I would be very interested in seeing the code in your config file to see exactly which plugins you are using and how your are sorting files.

It is easy to find complex naming schemes for MusicBrainz Picard as there are threads like the one at Repository for neat file name string patterns and tagger script snippets but finding examples of how people are doing it in beets is much more difficult. I would like to see a similar thread for beets but I’m not sure exactly where such a thread should go.

I would put it in and use the “beets” tag. I also wouldn’t worry too much about getting the category exactly right - if you take your best guess and you miss the mark, someone will swoop in and move it for you with no further comments. :slight_smile:

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I have been reading the Beets FAQ and have come up with a config.yaml file which currently meets my needs. I still need to make it use disc subtitle info in the path with multi-disc releases but I have time to figure it out while I import all my music into the library.

I realize that this is totally off topic…but:

I’ve just been sidetracked by trying to determine the exact url the plexupdate plugin is using to send to the Plex server since it actually works. If I knew the exact url I would be able to come up with a way to notify Plex when SickBeard gets done processing as their notification is broken and it seems like there is no longer anyone actively developing SickBeard to fix it with a solution using the authentication token which Plex now requires.

This really isn’t the place for that discussion as it has very little to do with MetaBrainz.

As I have pretty much given up on maintaining my music library via MusicBrainz Picard and am focusing on figuring out Beets the topic of this thread is no longer something I care about. I would delete the thread entirely if I knew how to and/or had the authority to do so.

I don’t think this thread should be deleted as other users might face similar issues and find the pointer to beets useful :slight_smile: