Remixes on artists release

How should I add remixes on artists release.

For example:

The release artist is Schlachthofbronx. There are also two remixes on that release. But who is the artist of that?

  • Only “Schlachthofbronx” 3 times ?
  • “Schlachthofbronx remixed by Toddla T” ?
  • “Toddla T” ?
  • Or should the remix information only be added on recording side. In this case: is the release artist of this track just “Schlachthofbronx”?

And what is with the release track title?

  • “Wave and Wine” ?
  • “Wave and Wine (Toddla T remix)” ?


I always do it exactly as it’s done on the release. Bandcamp has “Schlachthofbronx” as the release artist and no individual track artists, so “Schlachthofbronx” is the track artist for all of them.
You can add “Toddla T”, “Canblaster” and “Myd” as remixers in the relationships.

For track 3 the title is “Wave and Wine (Toddla T remix)”.

PS: Seems you already did it all correctly anyway:

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Yes I tought that would be the best way. Thanks for your confirmation.