Remix credits for "SongTitle (RemixArtist remix)" vs. "remixed by RemixArtistsRealName" in the credits

Should I add the remixer in the title, the credits, or both? I would prefer the first, or maybe both.

In this example, both remixes are credited to the artists in the track titles (“Tim Reaper VIP”, “Kloke VIP”), but the Bandcamp page says “remixed by E. Alloh” and “remixed by A. Donnelly”, the abbreviated versions of their real names. This one happen to be the producers, but it doesn’t really matter for this issue.

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I’d preserve the track titles in this case and add remixed-by relationships linking Tim Reaper and Kloke (which appears to be the way that this release and the Bandcamp one at Release “FRMOTMVIP001” by Kloke & Tim Reaper - MusicBrainz are already entered).

I view the Bandcamp text containing the legal names as essentially being liner notes. It’s useful for tracking down the correct artists to use and getting additional details, but the tracklist is the main source of data.