Remastered Re-release multi-disc sets

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I’m in the process of adding information to MusicBrainz for albums by US Christian music group The Heritage Singers.

A a number of the groups of the groups first 20 album releases, are already listed on MusicBrainz in their original Vinyl format.

However, in the mid-late 90’s, the group re-released a collection of these albums as remastered CDs, but in 10-part 2-disc sets.

So, what was original Album 1 & Album 2 originally, were re-released in with the remastered tracks as “Silver Anniversary Collection Vol. x”, with volume 1 for example containing two CDs, one for what was originally Album 1 and one for Album 2.

I’m now looking to add these re-releases from the Silver Anniversary Collection to MusicBrainz, however what I’m wondering is, how should these be added (based on MusicBrainz guidelines?

I’m assuming they should be added as

Release: "Silver Anniversary Collection Vol 1"
which contains two discs
Media 1: CD > with a Media title matching the original release album title
Media 2: CD > with a Media title matching the original release album title

However (and this may be based on my own personal music collection preference), I’m also wondering should/could the remastered individual discs be added a new releases into the original albums release group. With the new release being titled something like "Silver Anniversary Collection Vol 1: "

Now, for my own personal music collection/sorting/naming, I’d prefer Option 2. but what would be suitable for the MusicBrains community?

I’d really appreciate your advise before i go and add anything.


Definitely sounds like a new release group (I think we have a release group type ‘box set’ in the works that would fit this perfectly, but it’s not out yet?).

On MB a release = the package that was sold. So unless the CD’s were also sold separately, option 2 would be wrong.
This makes things much clearer for the end user in a number of ways, makes cover art less complicated, generally makes things in hand easier to match to the DB, and no duplication of data between releases that have been split into multiple entries etc (if you needed a reason!).

Feel free to just enter edits and link us if you want anyone to cast an eye over your additions!
Last but not least, thanks for your work :blush:

edit: I see you’ve already added some using option 2, hope you don’t mind merging them!


In addition to what @aerozol has said, you can also link your newly-created release groups with the originals using the included in relationship, which indicates that “these original titles were re-released as part of this set”.


The recordings should be the same, though, right? Remaster no longer means new recording? You can even import the original mediums whole, if I understand correctly.


Actually, having posted this i later went and found guidance which implies that remasters do not require new recordings, which i really didnt expect, especially for digitally remastered (restored) tracks… Could someone clarify this, as i had created some additional recordings (for other albums) where digitally remastered versions also exist.

Thanks also for the guidance on entering the new releases also. I thought this might be the most appropriate way (although maybe not suitable for my own preferences for my music collection). I did however just want to clarify that although the 20 albums were re-released with “restored” (digitally remastered tracks), they weren’t exactly just released as “box sets” (well not in my interpretation of the term). They were actually released in 10 individual 2-disc sets, which were also sold in a fuller “box set” option which contained the 10 individual 2-disc sets.

I will get started on adding the new releases and post my proposed edits here.


Yup. Different remasters are kept together.


@aerozol, I’ve amended the erroneous record for a single CD release of “Come Along with the Heritage Singers” to constitue the 2-Disc set as discussed in this thread.

I figured it’d be better to do it this was than to, create a new Release and then request the incorrect release record is deleted.

I hope this method is suitable.

Please feel free to up/down vote as you all see fit.


[quote=“Salem874, post:5, topic:129357”]
They were actually released in 10 individual 2-disc sets, which were also sold in a fuller “box set” option which contained the 10 individual 2-disc sets.[/quote]Sounds like a few potential release groups - one for each of the 2-in-1 sets (which I think we still consider box-sets, as there’s not much point separating 2-in-1 from 3-in-1 imo), and then a release for the entire box set (as these were the formats they were sold/ available in).
Then we can also store things like the box set cover art vs the 2CD set cover art (if applicable).

[quote=“Salem874, post:7, topic:129357”]
I hope this method is suitable.[/quote]
Looks good, will need its own release group as well later though :slight_smile:
Definitely better to ‘adapt’ release than to delete them!!

One other request - since you’re doing such a big cleanup of that artist, could you add guess case wherever possible? Looks like you’ve been using it a bit but not sure, a few of the release titles + some tracks/recordings still have weird/inconsistent title case. Cheers!


Looks like my understanding of how the “box sets” would work are correct, well, we’re both thinking along the same lines :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure i had created a new Release Group and assigned it to the edited version of the release, it appears it wasnt applied though. I’ve just tried again…

Regarding Guest Case, yes i will do these as well. I have unfortunately still got a lot of work to do with regard to this artist, but this is my plan…

(On a slightly of topic now, How exactly do you quote my posts to easily in yours? I’ve tried but i must not be looking in the right place lol)


Sorry I think you had changed the release group, I just didn’t see the edit…

Quoting is so straight forward that it’s easy to miss!