[religious music] as subset of both [unk.] and [anon.]

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Continuing the discussion from What is the appropriate composer credit for Gregorian Chant?:

Perhaps [religious music] should be “repurposed” to be a subset of both [unknown] and [anonymous]? Or maybe allow [unk.] and/or [anon.] to use “[religious music]” as an artist credit for religious music attributed to either?

Just some random thoughts. :slight_smile:


Do we need it at all? As you can see from the discussion, its existence leads to confusion and it’s more a genre than a description of the composer. I think it’s better to retire it and use either [unknown] or [anonymous] in its place. Same for its siblings such as [classical music] or [christmas music]. [Disney] has its purpose because it does say something about the composer, because he or she was commissioned by Disney to write the piece and Disney usually holds all copyrights as well.

On a related note, let’s scrap [dialogue] as well. The current description seems to be there only to justify its existence (which I think it lost when MusicBrainz got artist credits). There’s no reason to handle it differently from other tracks or recordings for which the artists are known but not mentioned on the back of the release.


If we really need to keep a special type for [religious music] we should somehow get our editors using it also for Gregorian chant. I agree that we could redefine [religious music] and extend it to be subset of both [unknown] & [anonymous].


I agree with @mfmeulenbelt that we could consider removing some or even all of the subsets for special purpose artists. Subsets of [unknown] are mainly related to genre. Also subsets of [no artist] are problematic and editors usually store similar data with relationships. [church chimes] is related to an instrument. [language instruction] & [news report] are basically same as “spoken vocals”.

[Disney] isn’t only used for crediting composers but it’s commonly used also for performers. It’s good to notice that almost all albums by [Disney] are released by Walt Disney Recordings. So even without this type releases could be easily identified as releases by Disney company. For me there’s too little amount of releases to justify having a special type for it. In MB we have almost 1,6 million releases and [Disney] is used only on 106 releases.


I’d much prefer getting rid of [religious music]. I’ve never really seen the point - it could work for someone to go clean stuff up but in that case we can just add tags (and I don’t think it’s really worked that way in the past too much anyway).


I would think get rid of it. It seems to just introduce more confusion as to which special artist to use (and if Gregorian chant isn’t “religious music” I don’t know what would be)


The only problem with getting rid of this is how! Should we merge it into [unknown] like it’s officially supposed to be done as per guidelines? [anonymous]? Is anyone willing to do some sort of cleanup to manually change each release to the most appropriate artist? (I’m guessing no, but if someone is…)


I would work on it when I have time. Trying to finish up some things for the MusicBee 3.0 release right now, but after that.


I wouldn’t mind doing some cleanup. It doesn’t look like it’s used that often, judging from the number of releases.


Do these edits look correct?


Looks good but I wouldn’t include [anonymous] as a release (& group) artist. If on classical releases front cover doesn’t credit any composers it’s fine to include only performers.


With a little help I’m sure we will get these cleaned in next couple of days. I’m happy to give some time for it when with every step we a closer to getting rid of it.


Right. I’ll fix that…


Ok, it seems there’s enough interest. Let’s give it a shot then! Let’s try to clean up the [religious music] artist and then we can merge it with something once it’s done :slight_smile: I have some free time this weekend as well so I’ll work on it too.


Ok, I’ve finishing cleaning up all the releases where [rm] was the release artist. There are tons of releases with one or two tracks though :confused:


It got little bit boring after couple of thousand edits :grin: Finally it’s ready for merging.

Thanks to all who participated!


Wow. Thanks for that! Let’s merge it into something. @ListMyCDs.com, was it mostly [anonymous] in the end? (I’d like to merge it into whatever was more appropriate to the old contents).


Majority was [anonymous] and mostly Gregorian chant. Too often I saw [religious music] used when release actually credited correct artists. It was also used for religious spoken word. Happy to see it gone!


Though I didn’t do any of the editing, I’m glad I got the ball rolling on this. Thank you all! :smiley: :fireworks: :sparkler: :sparkles: :raised_hands:

Please link merge edit so I can vote and at least do something. :stuck_out_tongue:


The edit!

Also, we should try to remember to remove the (merged) annotation once the merge goes through.