%releasetype% format breaks $inmulti()

I have the following script:


This sets the Compilation (iTunes) tag to 1 if the Release Type tag includes the word compilation, otherwise it deletes the Compilation (iTunes) tag is there is one.

This works in some cases, but unfortunately Picard appears to use two different ways (depending on how data was entered into MB, perhaps) and one of them doesn’t work with $inmulti(). The two different scenarios are:

Release Type: album; compilation; dj-mix

which works, and

Release Type: album / compilation / dj-mix

which doesn’t.

How should I deal with this?


This is not a multi-value content but one value with a string containing all types. It would be found with $rsearch(%releasetype%,compilation)


Excellent point. Instead of $rsearch I used $in:


And that does the trick. Tnx!