Release Type Tag (Remastered, Super Deluxe, Special Edition...)

I read through this

Disambiguating multiple items with the same name - MusicBrainz Picard - MetaBrainz Community Discourse

and somehow think it relates to what I’m about to ask but it’s late and I really didnt understand all of it, so maybe not.

I was wondering, and yes I checked in MB, does the release version/type (dont know what it’s called) like Super Deluxe, Deluxe Edition, Remastered and such get its own tag and is therefore stored in MB and I could use that information to construct file/folder names.

I checked a few album releases that are Deluxe versions but it seemed the only place this was noted was the album name tag.

Like: Michael Bublé - Love (Deluxe Edition)

Would that be stored as Album: Love and e.g. Release Version: Deluxe Edition or is this always stored as Album: Love (Deluxe Edition)?

No specific tag for it. If the text says “Deluxe Edition” on the cover, it will be part of the title. If it doesn’t show up on the cover, then it will be in a disambiguation comment instead. Due to the latter being most common I have a script to toggle on to add this to titles when needed.


I’m slow today. So I might be repeating what you just said just to make sure I understand it properly.

If the album name on the cover says Love (Deluxe Edition) in any form then the album tag in MB db will be Love (Deluxe Edition). If the cover only says Love but in fact it is a deluxe edition anyway MB will have that information in a comment tag and not in the album title?

The same goes for Remastered and Bonus Tracks and such?

Does that comment field have a specific name and may I use your script?


Yes, that is correct. Looks like I almost got the words in the right order. :smiley:

To attach a release comment to the album name:

$set(album,%album%$if(%_releasecomment%, \(%_releasecomment%\),))

I don’t always have this enabled as sometimes the comment is boring stuff I don’t care about.

I also will manually adjust the Album title by editing it in Picard before hitting save. For example, I rarely see (includes bonus tracks) as part of a title or disambig and that is an example you may want to manually add.

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thanks much. I’ll try this out asap.

the releasecomment tag would be showing if there was a releasecomment content/tag. if it’s not showing on an album I’m looking at now, there just is no releasecomment present, right?

Re-issue, remastered, special this, deluxe that. Gosh, video is so much easier. Director’s Cut if you’re lucky.

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Not being able to see the release you are talking about, I’ll guess “yes”. :smiley:

This can be inconsistent. It depends on the editor and how popular a Release is. Some people don’t care they have a (30th anniversery special edition). This is where I would manually edit the Album Title on the right hand side of Picard before hitting save.

In most cases, if you only have one copy of the album in your collection it probably matters a little less as to the version. If you are as mad as me I have a dozen copies of Dark Side of the Moon and need those extra titles to tell them apart. And, of course, that cover doesn’t have any text on it at all.

As to film - I can think of films like BladeRunner with Cinema Cut, Director’s Cut, Final Cut, and Anniversary Editions. The VHS\DVDs\BlueRays having different sets of extras\commentaries. I guess the main difference of film collections is we more usually discard the extras in a collection and focus on the original film.

No. Nooo. I’m like you with Movies. I have every version of some of them like you do with DSOTM but, BUT, there’s a big difference here. There’s max 1 additional version for maybe 25% of movies released. There’s almost always at least one additional version for almost all mainstream releases, at least since the digital and streaming age.
I got first release, then bonus tracks, then limited, the special edition, the deluxe, then super deluxe and depending on how old, remastered and maybe even a combination of remastered and all of the above.
My point being, I guess, the greed of the record labels and music industry knows no bounds at all.
There is valid reasons for different releases in a few cases, like DSOTM, and other clearly classic masterworks that can be recycled and amended and remastered. But most of what’s out there, one can clearly see, this is only done to squeeze every last bit of money out of customers.

Rant done. lol.

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Totally agree. This explains most reissues, repackages, reboxing. I’m a Pink Floyd fan but refuse to buy those boxset where they are trying to sell the bootlegs back to us!

As I do have those multiple editions of DSOTM on my Media Server, that little snippet of script above is valuable for allowing me to spot them apart from each other. I also use a similar thing on my Recordings to add comments as that is traditionally where gig details are kept for live bootlegs.


FWIW, this is not really true in my experience. :slight_smile: A lot of mainstream movie releases will have/have had multiple regionally different VHS/DVD/… releases with region specific subs/dubs and sometimes extras too (not to mention various DRMs and PAL/NTSC differences).

However, this is veering into off-topic territory for this thread. :wink:


OK, I give you Extras :grinning: