Release tracks artists credited in multiple languages

Example here:

As you can see on the back cover, some artists are credited in both Chinese and English. How the info be entered in this case?
As discussed by the following post:
How to enter a release with multiple languages?
Seems they came to a conclusion that titles should be entered as “Official release with “One Language (Another Language)”.
Should this style be followed also for the artist credits?

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I’m just glad that this is a physical CD release instead of a digital media release (where artist/label intent is difficult to distinguish from data-entry/platform arbitrariness)!

If I were entering this, I’d enter the artist credits as close to the way they appear on the back cover as possible, e.g. with a “小花 Flower” credited-as name for the featured artist on track 9.

If someone wants everything in a single language and script for tagging later, it’s pretty straightforward to create English and Chinese pseudo-releases linked to the main release.

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