Release relationship vs recording relationship

Hi everyone. I have added musicians credits in a Milton Nascimento’s album but I just realized that it it’s not a release specific information. Should I instead add the musicians to each recording? It seems that release relationship is only useful if it matters only this specific release. And as release group does not have performers relationship the only way to have it for all releases seems to be on recording relationship. (The other releases are later CD or digital media releases)


If each particular instrument was performed on each and all recordings yes.
If you know which was played where, you can link recordings but if you really don’t know, they are fine at release level.

Thanks! I’ll do in recording level then as I have all info needed.

You’ve credited Flávio Venturini as performing piano, harmonica and synthesizer on every track, are you sure of this?


It says (in portuguese) “Piano, sintetizador e harmônico: Flávio Venturini”. But for him there is not any distinction between tracks.

If he’s only credited once for the whole release (not individually for each track) I would probably assume that he was not performing all 3 instruments on every track, especially as it seems to be a live recording? Although I suppose it is technically possible, perhaps he is just a very skilled musician :smile:


Sounds like an excuse to listen to the Release again, with pen in hand. I’ve done this to a few of my favourite artists and you get a fresh appreciation of their work when you start to spot them swapping instruments.