Release name for soundtrack

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Tried to search but didnt find clear answer in forums or guidelines

On a release names before I used to always see :Original Motion,…) added as a subtitle. Now I m seeing it is often removed

Is there any official statement regarding this kind of generic subtitles?
Can we remove them or should they remain despite the issues it creates (found many posts where people are looking to remove those from folder names or tag)



The style page shows them without the subtitle, which I didn’t realize until recently myself.

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Historically, there was a guideline to remove these OST subtitles.
But I think now we can keep them.

Then maybe the guideline page contains a mix of past and present styles, in its examples?

I follow the way both Wikipedia and Discogs are also including the subtitle. It is clearly there on these covers so it should be part of the title.

It also seems to say that on the guidelines too. And the examples of Release Group titles also shown with the subtitles.

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So why:

There must remain examples without, from the old guideline. Which ones, @redflaregraf?

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They are subtitles, so they should not be removed, IMO.


I think the ‘Alien’ example in the current guideline is actually an example of the old guideline, considering it’s been there even since this change in the guide:

“Secondary information such as “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”, “Music from or Inspired by” or “OST” may be removed, as long as it would not create confusion with another release”

I think the release group examples and the releases in them are a better example of how the majority of people currently keep the subtitles.

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Thanks for all your answers.

So if I understood correctly rule is not totally clear and changed trough times. Part of communitty want to have subtitle added as it appears on cover but another don’t find it relevant especially for tagging and file naming.

So what should be done?

  1. Add subtitle in “Title” field as it is made for other releases (with “:” or other punctuation from cover)
  2. Add subtitle only to release group
  3. Add subtitle in disambigation field
  4. Create a “Subtitle” field to make both sides happy? :slight_smile:
  5. Other ideas?

Personnaly I agree most data kept is the best but I remove manually from folder names and would like out of tags (or jsut with Score/ Soundtrack)


I would follow the release groups in

IMO that looks like we should keep them. The style guide needs to be updated, though.

The example release groups in the style guide have a couple of releases without the subtitle, but the majority have them.

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A few weeks ago The Doors film soundtrack was a mess of combinations of every option possible.
Short name, full name, disambiguation as subtitle. And it was a double mess as calling this album “The Doors” clashed with their first album which had the same name.

It is now much clearer using the correct titles as per the covers. In this case that subtitle does change on some releases.



Will follow those rules from now on.