Release has wrong track order but cannot be changed

This release has 2 track numbers switched on MB (09 and 10), but I cannot edit it as there exists a Disc ID (which confirms by track length the wrong order):

This edit had fixed the issue (and cites source as booklet):

This edit undid the above fix (citing digital sources, not booklet):

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I see that you are merging recordings over there.
Maybe track names and recording associations should be fixed before merging those two.
We should make sure of the correct relationships, names, lengths, ISRCs, AcoustIDs, etc., first. :slight_smile:

And I suggest to write a release annotation to say that this CD edition has tracks 9 and 10 swapped compared with that digital edition.
To prevent further bad fixes.


(Hope it’s OK to continue on an old issue…)

This has the titles for tracks 4 and 5 swapped. The tracks are reissues from other releases so I want to merge the recordings. What is the best way to go here? Like in the original post, I cannot change the order. Shall I change the track titles, then the recording titles, then merge the recordings?

  1. Edit release
  2. In tracklists tab, swap track 4 and 5 titles
  3. In recordings tab, swap recordings link to tracks 4 and 5 (you can copy paste their URL in a temporary notepad for that)