Release group series: Live Events Venue - formatting compromises etc

Yes MB, I hope you are all doing well.

Just been thinking about the best way to approach tagging my vast library of audio files recorded at particular live venues, where event organisers and performing artists vary greatly, yet there is a need to see a complete index of available audio/video from that search result.
I think the radio show format is currently the nearest system, but stuff recorded at live events shouldn’t be tagged as Broadcast if they are not, but I wondered what your thoughts are?
At the moment, I am not contributing to the database manually, but instead aiming to get to the point where I can submit all the tags from my library to your database and they automatically import into the correct fields with no manual fixing necessary, as that would render all my years of work collecting this media so far wasted. I’m not willing to start from scratch, which is currently what ‘Adding Cluster As Release’ currently seems to require. Basically, I’m trying to reverse engineer whatever script you might be able to provide in advance of submitting my Fingerprints and Tags.

If you have half a terabyte of MP3s recorded at a venue like for instance The Sanctuary, Denbigh Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK (1991-2004) and are gradually amassing recordings from every weekend staged at this historic rave venue, but want your MP3 collection to give credit to each “label” ie. event organiser, but also different rave promoters who host different arenas, in the primary tags which display on people’s media players ideally, what would be the best mapping for these details so that if somebody has a totally untagged MP3 from that event or “show”, Picard can help them tag it up but also move the file into a folder structure which makes most sense.
Currently, my collection is just moving all my live raves and club nights into Various Artists folder, which I was willing to live with, but I’m still wondering if there’s not a way to create a special script for these circumstances where there are multiple performances from various artists on one date, but they might be better in one folder as each set is more of a chapter in an entire event than a stand-alone performance. Also when it comes to sound-system groups, the collective which would fall within the Album tag might be considered the artist if more people consider the name of the crew as their brand than the individuals holding the fort during that hour, or whatever.
Basically, I’m just trying to stick to one format so that I can get more done when my brain is on auto-pilot, but want all criteria taking into consideration with how folder structure and ID3 tags display.

Let me know if any of you have any thoughts or solutions.

I have a huge number of cassette rips from venues where it’s usually all one label, but not necessarily, and it would be awesome to be able to create an index for venues such as this to indicate when guest promoters were visiting and gradually turn my huge folder dumps into comprehensive timelines like a diary. Imagine a Hacienda, Manchester release group series, or a Palomas, Wolverhampton or Eclipse/Edge, Coventry index in the way you currently have BBC Essential Mix listed, and maybe you’ll see what I’m getting at.
I’m a historian as well as a geek.


… maybe? If your metadata in machine-readable, and self-consistent, then there should exist a mechanical transformation of that metadata into MusicBrainz’s metadata schema. With a large amount of metadata it is worthwhile to automate this. I think there should still be humans in the loop (editors) to verify that the data is both correctly input, and correctly transformed. (Which gets into the whole question of references to authoritative sources, but I assume you’ve got all that data.)

I’ve considered writing a bot myself to bulk import some Psytrance related data from other online sources (Ektoplasm, PsyDB, Psyshop, Beatport, individual record labels.) but the metadata is too inconstant to just blast into MB and needs human corrections (by me). Also, I got busy doing other stuff and haven’t touched this project for… two years now (that long?)

But, if your data is all good, maybe you could just bot it all in…


Oh also! I was going to mention, You can generate AcoustID fingerprints for any audio file, it doesn’t need to have an associated Recording MBID. There’s a bulk fingerprinting tool which will submit the MP3/OGG/FLAC artist name and song title, along with the AcoustID fingerprint data.

So, that way, anyone else on Earth who has this recording, can at least lookup those metadata tags from the AcoustID database.

(Note: AccoustID only fingerprints the first 120 seconds of audio, beginning at time offset zero.)


Yes mate, I’m glad you know what I’m talking about. I avoided coming back to this thread cos I expected trolls but basically I work more in line with the format which the guys at use because whether a show was ripped from a CD or cassette or satellite or live stream isn’t important to me, only finding the highest quality version is and most complete versions even at a lower quality also need preserving, at least until a better one has surfaced. A bunch of us are building a time capsule of all the most mental live shows ever performed so it makes sense to help everybody get their collections looking ship shape at the same time as we sort our own out, if possible, since nobody else can be arsed to. Some of us spend a lot of time gathering together the track lists, but in the late 20th century there was more to it than just the music so it’s good to include as may of the other attractions which took place on audio and video.
At the moment I’m using the MusicBrainz podcast (recorded in front of a live audience) model for tagging the stuff which also ends up becoming the folder names.

So here’s an example scenario considering mishaps which perhaps could have been pressed onto tape or disc which we want to rectify on the database here…

Somebody passes me a cassette with nothing written on it except GROOVERIDER + FABIO - LIVE AT STARLIGHT PRESENTS ‘JUDGEMENT DAY’ (AUGUST 21, 1992) and I’ve also got the event flyer with the full original artwork, venue details and who was hosting it on the mic, only on the tape when you listen to the DAT ( Dj Ratty & Jumpin Jack Frost @ Starlight 21st August 1992 - YouTube ) you realise that those guys didn’t turn up so instead it should be labelled with the guys who covered their set, surely, even if the 500 or 1000 tapes which got sold were incorrect on the inlays and nobody gave a shit cos they were mashup.
I rename my digital version to accredit the right people, following the MusicBrainz live podcast format
and it becomes
Ratty & Jumping Jack Frost feat. Lenni, Robbie Dee & Bassman
1992-08-21: Starlight, “Judgement Day”: Bingley Hall, Stafford, UK
along with the real cover instead of some tatty piece of blurry photocopied roach material!

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AcoustID 2.0 is needed for much longer audio files. Even if it’s only 8kbps.