Release group name changed - makes sense to downvote?

When reviewing changes, I got a bit stuck on this one:

A beginner user added a new release to an existing release group. The group contains releases in different languages, as consequence names of releases in the group differ: “Brandenburg Concertos nos. 4-6” vs. “Concertos de Brandenburg no. 4 a 6” vs. “Brandenburg Concerts No 4-6”. The user added a new release to the group, and renamed the release group according to the name of the added release.

One one hand, I don’t see a point in the change and tend to vote “no”: if the release group contains releases in different languages, I would rather keep the original name whatever it was, instead of renaming the group each time a new release is added. On the other hand, I am a bit afraid (and do not want to) disappoint and discourage the beginner user. What would you recommend?


The style guide recommends the most common language be used for classical release group titles, so technically the edit is correct. But I would also assume that the new editor just blindly checked the “rename release group” checkbox here.

If you care enough, you could leave an edit note and inform the editor of what they did incorrectly. I personally like to start these with a “welcome to Musicbrainz” message if I see they’re a new editor. Voting No without any explanation is indeed impolite.

Alternatively, since they probably didn’t intend the change and are unlikely to notice, you could just silently change it back.


I don’t know about the title, but the recording artist should not be changed to the composer (in fact there the composer should not be a recording artist).

… and “OK” is not a good edit note. I vote no.

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The rule you have quoted is for a recording, it is not related to a release or a release group. For the release there is a different rule:

For releases of physical media, the release artist will be sourced from the front cover. The spine can be used if it should happen to contain more detail than the front cover.

The Release Artist of a classical Release should include the writers (composers, lyricists, librettists) and performers featured on the front cover (except when “Various Artists” is used, see below). Use only writers and performers who are featured on the front cover (or the spine); don’t add artists from the back cover or the inside of the booklet or other places.

That is, just enter names printed on the front cover or on the spine of the physical media. It plays no role whether these are names of performers or composers.

And on the same page the rule for release groups:

Will in many cases have the same name and artists as the release. If the featured artists differs between different releases in the same release group, try to find the most used version. If that fails, use the earliest release.


You’re right, I confused it. I thought it was about changing a recording :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Since I don’t know what’s printed on the cover, I should abstain…

EDIT: I stay with no because of the title…