Release country of CD/Vinyl releases / Release identification methods

I do love the quality pictures. I’d never want to stop those that do this. Just it is funny when Picard gets stuck like that hauling in a juggernaut load of images as the 32-page booklet arrives in glorious quality.

This is why I don’t go mad on my own scans. History doesn’t need to see the grain in the paper, it needs a sharp image to see the smallest text and maybe print it. I use 600dpi and save to 80% JPGs. A little bit of JPG compression saves a huge filespace with no noticeable image damage.

Interesting idea. Isn’t the MB Wiki editable by all? May be worth a new thread to discuss. There are probably loads of tips we could share about reading odd codes on CDs and rear covers. A MB table of SID codes is a neat idea.


But it’s another table to maintain. Isn’t it possible to get the data from IFPI? Why should there be secrecy?

No idea. I don’t even know who to ask.

I am guessing that as other fans put lists together then this is not usually a public resource. Industry will probably want to charge £50 to look a the list and then want to charge a distribution fee. They are all about the profit and not about sharing of information.

As other fans made lists, maybe we should just contribute to those lists?

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I’ve asked, I’ve mailed my question. Now lets see, if they will try to sell me a quick look. But it’s more likely that they will simply ignore my question as there’s no money to earn. :money_mouth_face:
Although “IFPI is a not-for-profit international organisation registered in Switzerland.”

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Haha… so they’ll want their payment in gold.

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