Release announcement: ListenBrainz MPD submission client


I’d like to announce a small tool I’ve built this weekend after getting interested in ListenBrainz: A submission client for MPD.

I made this after taking a look at the current client list on and seeing that none for MPD exist that support transmitting MBIDs.

You can find the code here: elomatreb/listenbrainz-mpd: ListenBrainz submission client for MPD written in Rust. - listenbrainz-mpd -

Feel free to open issues if necessary.


Nice work! I actually also made something in rust for submitting from MPD, based on, but with some modifications for submitting MBIDs. I hadn’t uploaded my changes anywhere yet, though


I would say “I love you” but like Patrick Star I’d get the door slammed on my face and possibly get banned.

Thank you so much. I’ve been waiting for ages for someone to step up and do it.