Relationships not returned by XML webservice

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For this very large box set (40CDs) the relationships seem to be omitted, even though included as params and clearly visible when browsing. They also appear when doing a recording look-up, rather than the full release.
Any ideas why this is happening?


The underlying database query takes too long to complete. It should probably be chunked into smaller queries. MusicBrainz server requires code improvement to successfully handle such request.


In that case, the only solution (for Picard) seems to be to split the release into smaller pseudo-releases (see 55-disc release split into 55 pseudo releases "for better tagging purposes" and Classical Extras plugin). Is there any guidance as to the maximal size for the query? I know a 15 CD box set that works, but is it safer to aim for, say, 10-CD pseudo-releases?

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This 21CD box set works (just tested) but guessing that the overall track count/information count matters more than the number of discs. I would say 10 CDs would be a safe target.