Relationship between AcousticBrainz and

Found this site:

Do you have any relationsship between AcouticBrainz and Tunebat?
I can’t link directly to a search result, but if you search for “U2” and click on the cover from one of the search results, you can see something like this.

I don’t advertise for this site, it just looked very similar to AcousticBrainz on the first sight.

Comparing with AcousticBrainz, it seems like a bunch of the parameters have different values, and it also seems like they’re calculating different parameters (“speechiness”) than what AB currently does:

It says at the bottom that it’s powered by the Spotify Web API, so I’m guessing those values are from there too.


We don’t compute “liveness” or “speechiness” in AcousticBrainz, so I think that @freso is right about the data coming from Spotify. Having said that, the website looks really nice - it would be great to try and make look this nice!