Registering a bot to canonicalize old Tidal URLs

I’m planning to use some code that I wrote to rewrite old Tidal URLs of the forms and (plus album and track variants) to the canonical form that @yvanzo instituted as part of MBS-10621. I’d like to do this so that I can look up an artist or album MBID via a single API call instead of needing to make multiple calls with all the possible URL forms.

Could a developer please set the derat_bot user’s type to “bot” as described in I’ve tried emailing the support address and asking on #metabrainz, but I haven’t heard back from anyone. Thanks!

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Sorry but it doesn’t seem that we received any mail for registering your bot; @reosarevok will look into it.
Did you run it on a test server? ( can be used for that.)
Have you checked [MBBE-63] Mark TIDAL Store URLs as ended - MetaBrainz JIRA?

Yep, I did. :slight_smile:

#89612574 and #89612573 are some edits that I created (the derat_test user doesn’t look like it’s been replicated to the test server, so I used my normal account there).

I think that ticket is only referring to links to the Tidal Download Store, e.g., which redirect to a help page now. Links to Tidal’s streaming service still work and are still being added to the database.


I recommend you to create and self-assign your own MBBE ticket and to refer to it in edit notes as follow-up.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve filed MBBE-71 to track this. After I’ve entered a few example edits into the prod database, I’ll link to them here so that others can take a look.

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The bot has created its first five edits, visible here. They look correct to me, but please let me know if you feel otherwise. :slight_smile: