Regarding where to credit cover-art artist

I apologize if this was asked before, but I could not find the answer anywhere.

I was wondering if there was a specific way (if there is any way at all) to credit the artist of the cover art itself. For example, if the cover art is drawn, where would I credit the person who created the art?
Thanks in advance!

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You can add a Release Relationship, and pick from one of these:


But not “design/illustration”. That’s deprecated.

This is one that has often puzzled me. When one person is credited for the cover art, which do we tick? Both “graphic design” and “Illustration”? Just “artwork”?

If they are credited for “cover art” and you don’t know if it’s design or illustration, then yes, just use “artwork”. This is specifically a use case for the request on STYLE-1245.

There’s a request (STYLE-1599) to add a free text attribute, basically the only question is whether “task” is appropriate, but even though the argument that it’s not always directly a “task” isn’t wrong, it seems weird to duplicate it just with the name “type” so I’m going to add it as task for now and we can look into it in the future if needed.

So, you could do “artwork” with task “cover art” :slight_smile: