Regarding GSOC 2024

Hello everyone,

I am a 3rd-year computer science engineering student from India. Recently, I came across MetaBrainz and discovered its participation in GSoC. Currently, I am encountering a challenge in selecting the appropriate repository within MetaBrainz. I have experience working with the MERN Stack and other web development tools and frameworks. I would appreciate guidance on how to get involved and initiate my contribution. Could you please assist me in determining which repository I should focus on, considering GSoC?

Thank you.


Hello @Vedansh, Welcome to MetaBrainz Community!

To get started, you can have a look at this wiki page. Furthermore, you can reach out and talk to the team on #metabrainz IRC channel (which is also mentioned in the above wiki as well).


Im Sahil pradhan a data science and ai undergrad looking forward to contributing for gsoc 2024 . I am a full stack web developer i work with mern stack and next js.

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Welcome @Vedansh and @sahil_pradhan !


Hello! Iā€™m Nikhil S Kalburgi a software developer and technical writer with a track record of contributing to various open-source projects. Excited to shift my focus to BookBrainz and contribute my skills to the world of literature.


Welcome @nikhilkalburgi !