Referring to Custom Tags in Tagger Script

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007fd29bd46c08> #<Tag:0x00007fd29bd46b40>

If I make a custom tag titled CustomTag, then I know I can access that in tagger script as %CustomTag% … bit if I make one with a space in the name, how do I refer to that?

As some of the default tags have spaces in their visible name, but not in the scripting name.

Do I just leave the space out, or replace it with _ in the script?

You’d use $get(Your Custom Tag). Actually %somevariable% is just fancy syntax for $get(somevariable) :slight_smile:


Or… while I was merging code, I just added it to the internal list with the others I’ve added in the past.

But now I know how to use them otherwise, if I do one with a space in the display name… :slight_smile:

I caved and decided to merge / build the current release since I had not done so since last January and the Release Notes from since then were just way way too enticing…

Especially after I saw some of the things that I’d added (er, hacked in) being done officially, thus, properly :slight_smile:

This is great stuff! Love it! Great work you all :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 08.37.59

My goal is really to make my changes in a Plug In with a configuration dialog to en/disable things… then I can post that to github. :slight_smile:

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