Reference geographic data to listenings

Has it been discussed to had a geographic reference to listenings ? To make geospatial playlists. For example : the songs of Barcelona in 2023.

Problem would be how to gather this data ? Should be opt-in I suppose.


I think this feature could be a good one to have, but I don’t know how many others would be willing to share location data like that (especially as specific as the city level). I’m not one of those people, but I’d probably only be as specific as my US state

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If you mean popular music for a region, it takes some digging but one of the things in this comment. I don’t know if a ticket is exists for it on JIRA though, but if you make one post it here so I can +1 it!

And indeed, privacy could be a problem. ListenBrainz is open data, so even if location information wasn’t shown on user profiles or provided in data dumps, it could probably be easy to figure out where users live going through listens and generated lists for areas I’d think.

Number of users 24,267

With the current number of users I very well might be the only user from my city and the popular stuff would match my listening. Country level might be less of an issue.

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I had a casual discussion at the summit with @bitmap about how it would be cool to have local event notifications on LB.

Which means letting users set more specific locations (they already set a location for the time zone). With the open-source nature of ListenBrainz this may mean that that information is also public - it would probably be accompanied by a warning/disclaimer/confirmation about that.

But that was just casual discussion, possibly with a beer in hand. You should make a ticket if you want to see something happen :slight_smile: