Red sign error on varying number of tracks ripped from CDs

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I’ve been ripping a lot of CDs over the last week and have noticed I’m getting an error on most of them for anywhere from a few to most of the tracks. There are no hidden files in any of the folders, none of the files are locked and all read/write permissions are granted. Screen shot attached

Something goes wrong when modifying the AIFF file. Could you give an example file?

I’m a bit low on time currently, sorry for the delay here. But I received your file and could take a look.

The issue is kind of what I expected: The file is smaller then the file size internally reported. Actually it is missing exactly one byte at the end. Strictly speaking this is kind of a broken file, but this particular thing seems to be rather common and Picard should be able to handle it.

See also the discussion at Receiving ValueError when saving some files and the linked issue for Mutagen (the library used by Picard to actually read/write the tags) at

I would like to look into this, but for now I have no good quick solution for you.

One way to get this fixed is looking at AIFF files that have an uneven size (e.g. the file you send me was exactly 18075033 bytes in size), and if it is uneven append an additional null byte. On Linux I would do this on the command line with:

truncate -s +1 broken.aif

Not sure there is a similar easy approach on macOS.

How many files are affected by this?


I submitted a test to fix this for mutagen today. Let’s see how this goes, maybe we can have this included in one of the next Picard releases.