Recording with unidentified artist

I have this recording. Acquired it in college, so the '99 date seems reasonable. Any date before about 2003 would fit.

When I got it (from someone else, who probably downloaded it), it was tagged as “Tetris (Happy Hardcore)” by “Nintendo” or pretty close to that. I have spent hours trying to track down the actual remixer (mostly going through comments on YouTube videos, although I’ve found a few other leads). I don’t believe GI Joe is right (definitely not the DJ GI Joe it’s currently linked to, but a google search for GI Joe and Tetris yields nothing meaningful). I have determined that it is NOT Tetris (Hardcore mix) by Doctor Spin, though there was an acoustid link there.

It’s also not Tetris '98 by DJ Raw Cut, although I’ve seen it credited to DJ Venom, probably because of the Straight Bangin’ album by DJ Venom (you can hear that version on AllMusic, and it does sound similar, but the track is way too short).

Other artists I’ve seen proposed are DJ Scribble (or DJ Skribble? I can’t tell if that’s the same person) and DJ Rush (who is at least in vaguely the right genre and was producing a lot of music in that time frame).

Anybody have further suggestions on tracking it down? And since the current artist is definitely wrong, can I change it to [unknown]?

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Try Shazam?

(And some more characters to keep some bot happy. )

It got really close. Came up with the Game Boys track, which certainly could be the base for the remix. When I tried playing part of the song without the Tetris theme in the fore, it didn’t have anything.

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Nobody protested, so I changed the artist:


Well. I haven’t made any progress identifying THIS recording, but I have figured out two of the other recordings in the mix/mashup: Can U Feel It by Rude Dog (or Rudy “Rude Dog”), and Get Into It by Poogie Bear. I’d hoped that might lead to IDing the mashup, but so far still nothing.

Both of those tracks were released in 1998, so at least the 99 date is looking solid. (Do you know how much it doesn’t help that there’s now a game called Tetris 99?)

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