Recording dedications

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Is there any good way to tag a dedication of a recording of a piece?

Anthony Braxton would often dedicate his compositions to people (which I have been diligent in including), but on his ‘Donna Lee’ release, dedications are listed for everything, even the pieces that Braxton did not compose:

Donna Lee (To Charlie Parker) (attributed to Miles Davis in the liner notes)
Composition No. 23L (To Howard Freeman) (written by Braxton)
You Go to My Head (part 1) (To Dinah Washington) (written by Haven Gillespie, Fred Coots)
You Go to My Head (part 2) (To Lee Konitz) (ibid.)
Composition No. 23K (To Charles Warren) (written by Braxton)

In Braxton’s catalog of works, Freeman and Warren are not mentioned as dedicatees for these respective works, though the dedicatees are usually written in that source. The Gillespie/Coots piece, as a standard, was not dedicated to Washington or Konitz. Donna Lee, even more confusingly, is sometimes attributed to Parker, though Davis has claimed authorship too, blaming the record company for incorrectly listing Parker as the author. In any case Parker was not the dedicatee of the composition.

So, clearly these dedications are for the recordings, not the composition. It doesn’t look like there’s a way to tag that right now. Am I just missing something? I could see this being useful, especially for live performances where someone might say, ‘This one’s for so and so.’