Recording dates vs work relationship dates

I am (slowly) trying to master the Classical Style Guidelines (CSG) - @reosarevok has been a big help over the year. I am getting confused by the recording/work dates. Take this release as an example:

On the recordings, all the relationships show 1989-01-17 to 1989-01-27. So, I assume that this is when it was recorded.

On the work relationships, we have “(recording of) (1989-01-17 – 1989-01-27)”

This seems redundant (or at least a recording property) - is that really when this recording was made or is it some date tied to the work itself? I wouldn’t want to make it look like Mozart wrote something in the 21st century!

The date between a work and its recordings is the recording date.
I don’t think that it looks ambiguous, from the various pages where we can see this piece of information… but maybe I am too much accustomed with MB data. :wink:

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Great - thanks. It does seem like the recording date, but I was getting nervous seeing the recent date right above work dates in the 1700s on the edit relationships page. When I go to the work, though, you can see the dates of the recordings on the left and it is much clearer.


Do you think it’s confusing on the release page? E.g.

for me shows (credits at bottom):

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (classical composer) (tracks 2–9)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (classical composer) (1776-07-20) (track 1)
Sir Neville Marriner (1984-11) (tracks 1–9)
recording of:
March in D major, K. 249 “Haffner” (1984-11) (track 1)
Serenade no. 7 for Orchestra in D major, K. 248b/250 “Haffner”: I. Allegro maestoso - Allegro molto (1984-11) (track 2)

I think it’s clear that 1776 concerns the composition. It could be visually clearer that the „(1984-11)“ in the „recording of“ section is meant to be the recording date, not a disambiguation or addition to the work title. If you know MB, you can tell by the colour.

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Come to think of it, if you have a recording that lasted for two or more years, we would see something like:

The Grand Poobah (1987–1989)

Which would look like the lifespan of Mr. Poobah. Hmm.

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The release pages looks fine - I think it is clear there. I think the “recorded at” and “recording of” separate it nicely. I think what confused me were the work attributes when editing - there are x’s to delete them and I it didn’t make sense to me to remove work attributes on the shared work.

I think The Grand Poobah just needs to work faster - lol. It does happen sometimes, though!

I’ve been thinking what would be a better format. Maybe

(1987–1989) The Grand Poobah
(1987-12-23) Elephant Man
(1988-08–1988-10) Godfrey Whale
(1989-01-12) Ernest Eldritch

It’s not always that easy! With this and your nature sounds thread I can’t keep my thoughts from wandering to Johann Sebastian Flathead.

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lmao - I hadn’t thought of that until the last time all my matches went out!

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