Recording artists/relationships, how to enter?


Me again - new editor.
I’ve just stumbled my way through my first classical release where I’ve typed the information in, but I couldn’t find where I was supposed to put the recording artists in. The wiki says the artist is the composer, which I put, but each track has a different performer. Other release entries seem to have the composers/singers/conductors etc linked and the wiki says they go in via “relationships”, but I couldn’t figure out where I was supposed to put in this information. At the moment, the performers are all in the track/recording info.

I did not want to lose all the work I’d done typing out the titles, (I’ve had that happen before when the system times out and logs you out) so I added the edit, but could somebody help me fix it and how to do it properly next time?
( aargh, after all that effort, typo in the first line, first track, I’ll fix that too)


Over on the right hand side of that Release’s page is a column of data and then options.
Look for the orange “Editing” and under that click on “Edit relationships”.

Life just got more complex?
Good. :grinning:

You can now edit the relationships for tracks by selecting just one, many or all and bulk add that relationship.

(I learnt something pretty basic about that “Edit relationships” page just yesterday - an existing relationship (composer/pianist/producer/engineer etc) can be edited/changed/corrected by clicking on the black text relationship word - that little pop-up with the relationship details and dates and Cancel/Done, then appears to allow the correction to be made. Though the “Edit notes” & “Enter edit” button down the bottom of the “Edit relationships” page still need to be used before the correction will be lodged with MB.)


PS - Entering partial Release information is absolutely fine if you run out of time or just want to save your work. The only downside is that with a new Release the time period in which you can make changes to the Release without needing to go through Voting, begins when you submit the Release.

As long as the release has a Title and an Artist it is a valid addition.
That is not to say that we don’t hope for more than just a Title and Artist.
And then there are those danged Style Guidelines too. :heart_eyes:


There is a workaround if that happens. Simply open a new browser tab and log in to MusicBrainz again, change to to your editing tab and submit again… Done:slight_smile:


Yes, I’ve seen that on the release page, after it’s been added, but is that there when you are using the “add release” pages, can you add it then, or do you have to add it, then go back and edit it after you’ve added the release? I couldn’t see anywhere to put all of that info when adding the release?

How long do you get to fix it?

thanks, I still don’t like anything that needs saving being left to the mercies of the computer. It knows lots of ways to dump hard work. :smiley:


At “Edit relationships” page.
You’re going to add a performer to a track:
Click on the green circled + sign.
A pop-up window appears.
Use the right hand box to select “Artist” (Actually it is already selected.)
Use the drop down menu to the right of “Type:” to select, for example from track one, “orchestra”.
Type in “BBC Symphony Orchestra” in the box directly to the right of “Artist”.
Click on the correct orchestra when it appear from the search results.
The name box will now go green.
If you have dates for the recording fill in the dates boxes.
Click done.

Please keep asking questions if you want assistance.


This has recently been changed and I don’t know the answer - the new time period is much longer than the old period though - a day?


Yes, I have done it using that link, but can you enter all of these relationships when you are adding the release instead of having to go back to it later to fix it up?

I’ve put in all the orchestras and other performers ok, but I’m now having trouble fixing the track titles. There are 2 tabs, tracklist and recordings. You can edit the recordings but it says you have to match it up to a recording and it searches and finds the one that it added when you added the release. It says you can add a new recording, but that won’t fix the one with the information in it that shouldn’t be there… If you overwrite the track title, it then opens the recordings page…

(actually, I had the same issue when I was trying to correct a typo in a track title on another release, I need to figure this out, because I’ll need to correct typos or other errors that I make as a newb)

EDIT: sussed it, retype the correct title on the “tracklist” tab and then on the “recording tab” check all the “update recording to match the track title” boxes.

Thanks everyone. Hopefully it’s all good now!


Yes, I’ve seen that on the release page, after it’s been added, but is that there when you are using the “add release” pages, can you add it then, or do you have to add it, then go back and edit it after you’ve added the release? I couldn’t see anywhere to put all of that info when adding the release?

As far as I know you can’t add recording relationships at the same time as adding a release. You have to add the release first and then use Edit Relationships to add to the recording relationships.


Thanks obtext, next time I won’t waste my time typing the titles with all of the performers in there, I’ll know to go to the relationships and put them in afterwards.

Thanks again, this gets easier as you learn more stuff each time you mess it up. :slight_smile:


When I’m entering a release by typing it in, I use Notepad or Word first. You can type in track number, track artist, title and time on each line. Then, when you’ve got everything squared away, start the edit and copy your work into the track parser. As long as you’ve got the right check boxes checked, the parser should read your tracks properly.


Yes, I copied the tracklist to notepad so I wouldn’t lose that, but all the other fields take a bit of time to fill in, I still don’t want the computer/website to dump things.


I feel your pain; I’ve sometimes lost hours of work due to glitches with either MusicBrainz or my computer.

You might be interested in voting for these tickets, which would allow saving entered data without submitting the edit until it’s done:


Yes, but I can’t see where or how. As a newb, maybe I’m not allowed to? (in any case, it’s something else I can’t figure out how to do… :D)


Do you have to request somewhere to sign up for that part of the site now? That’s stuck in my head, but I’m not sure.


Yes, you have to create a separate account on, but it’s easy to do.


ok, thanks. Generally speaking I don’t think I’d have much to offer (no programming experience) and it seems quite a lot of people have already voted on those proposals? Would it make a difference if I signed up just to add a vote?