Recording and display of original composers/lyricists on derivative works

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For translations and works “based on”, including new lyrics sung “to the tune of” a prior song, there is an open question of whether the creators of the original work should be replicated onto the entities for the derivative works. After all, if they were involved in the original, shouldn’t they get credit for things based on their works? However, this creates duplicate data, and means that artists are directly credited for works they had no direct involvement in.

What’s the best way to solve this? Should we always add copy credits from earlier works onto later works? Is there a UI improvement which would show credits from earlier works (this seems to already happen to some degree, though not in Picard)?

Inspired by these edit discussions:

And this past conversation, which had no consensus:

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show credits from earlier works (this seems to already happen to some degree)

Actually, on second look, this does not happen. I was thinking of the “Related works” section of recording pages, and the credits on release pages. There is no similar display for work pages, and even for credits on recording and release pages, it only extends to displaying credits for the immediately related work.

Perhaps there is some way we should also be displaying credits for original works, using the hierarchy of “based on/translation of/etc” relationships?

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There’s an even bigger lack of inheritance down the hierarchy — when you have four movements marked as part of a symphony, unless you re-add the composer, those parts don’t get displayed (or tagged by Picard) with the composer.

I personally copy the more important relationships (like composer) over. If it’s to the tune of X, then I copy X’s composer over (but not, of course, X’s lyricist if any). I also add an arranger and possibly another composer. And a new lyricist. (Well, most of the time I do—I am lazy…)

I really, really wish works inherited relationships from linked works. There needs to be a way to specify which relationships from which works, as sometimes (e.g., not wanting X’s lyricist) you don’t want it. And what to do if X gets a new relationship is an interesting question.

Ah yeah, I did see that topic (Levels in the structure of works) before posting this, but it is looking more directly relevant than I thought it was then.

I like your idea of being able to choose which relationships are inherited (or perhaps, which are not?). I suppose this would mean that in some sense, you’d still be replicating those relationships, but it would be in a way which doesn’t imply direct authorship of a given derivative work. I wonder though how it would handle modifications to the original work(s)?

The next version of the Classical Extras plugin will get all relationships up the hierarchy and make them available in Picard. This includes arrangements and all writer types. Just doing final tests now before beta release hopefully later this week.


New beta version is now available - see Classical Extras plugin