Record label as artist

Asking here because I didn’t get an answer on IRC.

There are quite a few cases among Japanese albums in MusicBrainz where the record label has been marked as the artist on compilation albums.

For example, there’s a a record label called MEGAREX that makes series of compilation albums.
SPD GAR series by MEGAREX has Various Artists marked as artist:
But FÜGENE series has MEGAREX as artist:

Label has been marked as artist on Miraichaya / 未来茶屋 albums by Miraicha Records:

And on A Taste For Emotion by Emoism Records:

Should Various Artists or the record label be used as artist in these cases? Personally, I would put them all under Various Artists - I don’t see any gain in adding a separate artist for the label.

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Yes, label compilations are usually Various Artists, but on many platforms the label registers as an artist.
Such artist has no real existence, so, apart perhaps rare cases, they shouldn’t be created in MB.