Reconciliation service via Open Refine

Hi all, I am very interested in incorporating MusicBrainz entity-uri’s into my linked data.
Is there a MusicBrainz-url I can add as a reconciliation service to Open Refine?

best wishes, Eric.


Welcome to MusicBrainz, @Muziekschatten !

MusicBrainz has entity URIs and Universally Unique MBIDs for each of its entities.

But I am not familiar with OpenRefine, so I do not know what a “reconciliation service” is. Could you perhaps describe that, and link to more information? I would like to learn.

I am just an ordinary member of the community, and not the expert on this topic. Others might have more helpful replies for you.


Hi Eric,

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that OpenRefine is supporting MusicBrainz at the moment.

However it might be possible to implement an OpenRefine extension using MusicBrainz Search API usage instructions as it provides the data informally mentioned for Reconciliation API technical description.

Thank you for mentioning this interesting tool.